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the whole conversation around 17 minutes in episode 1 was bad/odd, Rain said Ple's brother must be gay because he said something about another guy, it was good that Ple did call Rain out on it but the whole conversation was not needed Content Warnings: manipulation, dub con touching and kissing, non con touching and kissing, manhandling, homophobic comment, kidnapping, violence, stalking, harassment, past sexual assault references/brief scenes, PTSD/trauma, gang rape There is a suggestion that Payu and Rain have a Dom / Sub dynamic. It was brought to light by people from the scene, who said that it’s very easy to recognize once you are in the know. To me it makes a perfect sense and adds a lot more depth to their relationship. It’s shown in some obvious and many subtle ways (like Payu saying things like “Answer me”, “Sit still”, the constant conversation around rewards and punishment, etc.) and it shows their early “toxic moments” from a different perspective. If you are interested to know more, please read my reply to Meca’s comment under this review, it’s explained in details (it contains spoilers, so beware).

how Rain has a crush on a woman and says that he's not gay he just thinks one guy is hot seems to be setting up or is the gay for you trope, related to this I would actually argue, that apart from the scenes mentioned above and some problematic tropes, this show does a solid job at showing us healthy relationships. We can see it the clear communication, mutual respect and also in the way they interact with each others, which brings me to: the second episode had too much recap from episode 1, this happened again in later episodes where they showed a lot of footage that we had already seen It’s the start of the university gang’s second year,as Sky’s apartment manager mentions (hence they’re now in charge of freshman orientation activities while they were freshers during Rain-Phayu development) when the Love Sky story begins in ep 8 and all of the Love Storm novel apart from special characters is done.homophobia) refers to a comment / question made by Rain in the first episode, it happened just this once and Rain regrets saying it instantly

Thank you for coming to my TED talk 😂 (If you actually read this let me know of any errors and I’ll edit) The show is fast paced (because it squeezes 2 books into 1 series), but that makes it perfect. There are no unnecesary conflicts just to drag it out. It’s a fairly straightforward and nice watch. The relationship developments do not overlap, both novels are short (they’re more like novella), there’s no more story other than special chapters from Love Storm to be told, just like Praphai was not a huge character in Phayu’s side of Love Storm it’s essentially the same in the reverse for Love Sky. Additionally, just like Sky was a prominent character in Rains side of Love Storm, Rain will be prominent in Love Sky. I’ve still been seeing a lot of discourse on if the Love Storm and Love Sky stories overlapped and that they should of be combined to fill all the episodes equally, with both couples, so I think I’ll try to clear it up if there was anyone here still wondering if they overlapped. First of all, let me get something straight. This series is not an all green flags show. There are definitely some questionable moments, so if you're looking for a fluffy series with a perfectly healthy relashionship, this series is not for you. HOWEVER, both of the relationships portrayed in LITA only start out questionably, later on they develop into quite healthy and well communicated ones. Many people even call Pai as a walking green flag. There is also a speculated hidden dynamic in Payu’s and Rain’s relationship that would explain most of ther “toxic” moments.Oops! This image does not follow our content guidelines. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image. It’s two different timelines, two different school levels and can’t be overlapped. Eps 1-7 pretty much cover Love Storm and from the teasers 8-12 will do the same for Love Sky. Perhaps the special chapters will be in the special episode or at the end of ep 12

My opinion: The first chapter has already gotten my attention. Ngl The word ก็แค่เซ็กซ์ (Just sex) at the first chapter together with the NC is the reason why I continue to read ( NanaNaRis Y novels (Tossara, This is Love Story, Man Society and Lover, รักโคตรๆโหดอย่างมึง) ( Announcement) Some people say that there is no clear plot in this series, but that couldn't be more wrong. It's just that the plot is focused mostly on the development of the relationships, the plot is the relationships. Another storyline throughout this whole show is the student life. I really love that it’s taken seriously and there are actual reprocussions for failing an exam / doing badly at school for the characters. All students know that going to uni is sometimes more taxing than a full time job, especially when studying something like architecture. For Payu and Rain there is also the subplot of bike racing, for Pai and Sky there is the subplot of mental healing and trauma. But the main plot is the couples' relationship developmnet, which may not be everybody's cup of tea. Compared to what is normalized and shown in the BL industry today though, it’s laughable that it's LITA that got tagged as 'The toxic show' out of all of them. Yes, there is an obvious dose of toxicity there, but the biggest shows have all done so much worse in terms of consent, like Cutie Pie - taking advantage of a drunk person, Tharn Type - forcing yourself on somebody, Kinn Porsche - taking advantage of a drugged person, torture and so much more. Even shows that have aired recently have done much more, like Big Dragon - taking advantage of a drugged person, Ai Long Nhai - taking advantage of a drunk person, etc. And people don’t say nearly as much about them.

A Love Story That Will Leave You Breathless

The ACTING. Although sometimes there were shortcomings, you would never have know that all of the 4 main actors are rookies. They did a truly fantasctic job portraying the characters. Some undeveloped plot lines. I really want to know more about P'Pakin and the bike races, like who is he? Does he have connections to the mafia? How did he get to know Payu? TW: (non-consensual touching, homophobia, manipulation, mind games, s*a*, torture)", you’d really think LITA is some kind of twisted show. But this is where the overreaction, too harsh of a criticism and Mame's hatewagon come in play, because: The second time they met, it was raining plus his car was also break down as well. As a result, Rain had to sleep in his garage at the time. It leads in for a misunderstanding by making Phayu think that rain is trying to seduce him by spoiling his car on purpose.

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