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Dying of Everything

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Florida death metal veterans OBITUARY will release a new studio album, "Dying Of Everything", on January 13 via Relapse Records. There's also moments on the album where John Tardy seems completely absent, and it's usually during riffs or sections where you would expect the vocals to be. Songs like 'By The Dawn' and the outro 'Be Warned' spend way too much time on the same slow repeating riffs, and it always follows the same pattern of overstaying it's welcome rather than progressing or transitioning into something new and unique. While that's not an uncommon issue with doom metal, I would've expected better of a band that have crowned themselves as the kings of this type of shit with over thirty years of experience under their belts. Stevenson, Arielle (October 22, 2009). "The way the music died: The earliest days of Tampa Death Metal". Tampa Bay Times. Times Publishing Company. Archived from the original on October 27, 2009 . Retrieved April 26, 2016.

As the doom-laden sludgy finale of “Be Warned” provides one last hurrah, it’s incredible to reflect on the quality of a band who hit 40 years in a mere year’s time. Like many of their peers, Obituary’s ethos is simple. Enjoyment. “I think it comes down to passion,” John offers. “I say this all the time, but if something’s not fun, I’m not gonna do it. And we’re having more fun than ever.” Moving on from the songs, I'd like to discuss the album's production. It's surprisingly natural for a modern death metal record, and it's not overproduced. It's not a raw record at all, but the production is solid. The instantly recognizable Obituary guitar tone roars and takes the limelight on this album, sounding like Cause of Death from an alternate reality. The bass cuts through for the most part as well, though it isn't the album's main attraction. The drums are rather "blunt" (as previously stated) and, while present, sound a bit quiet in the mix.It admittedly takes little to expand upon Obituary’s brand of death metal, but them doing it to themselves worked wonders. For the most part, Dying Of Everything touches on a lot of what the more varied outings have given us in the recent decade. Using modern production tactics to the advantage of echo and haunting effects beside buzzing riffs made a world’s difference, rather than cleaning everything so much. The end result is a disc that boasts all of the sludgy, dense characteristics that made Slowly We Rot incredible with a refreshing new personality. OBITUARY comments: "We couldn't be more excited to FINALLY get this new album out and into the hands of the fans!

The riffs flow like a swollen river, unstoppable, relentless. The band once more intersperse their crushing, slower style with bursts of thrashing intensity. The music is instantly memorable, hooking into the brain and digging in deep. “Barely Alive” is demonic, a frantic rager that will stir the pits into an absolute frenzy in the live setting. It’s got the Buzzsaw guitar sound, John Tardy’s gravel-soaked vocals, some lovely thrash metal breakdowns, and enough energy to power an entire city. It is some opening. What always has fascinated me about Obituary is that the feeling of your flesh being ripped to pieces by John Tardy's growls is almost guaranteed, no matter the decade, the album or the song. The Florida squad is pretty much alien to the old motto re-invent or die. They have never boasted impressive technicality with their instruments or excel in writing songs that would make your brain bleed while elaborate structures and clever transitions put your IQ to the test. Nope. They have brute forced their way through more than 30 years of uncooked death metal with stunning resolve and a very simple but effective formula. Obituary was there when the pot containing the genre's broth started to boil out of control, overflowing its filthy charms to the rest of the world. While their contemporaries chose different approaches, with Morbid Angel focusing on speed and in being as esoteric as possible, and Cannibal Corpse just being chaotic and utterly disgusting, Obituary chose to bulk it up, at their own crawling pace. Amanda Hatfield (November 10, 2022). "Obituary announce new LP 'Dying of Everything,' share "The Wrong Time" (exclusive vinyl)". BrooklynVegan . Retrieved November 10, 2022. In theory this album isn’t anything crazy; while it does somewhat combine Obituary’s old style with their new style (I would make the argument that this would make a better self-titled album than the one that was released in 2017) both styles are still very meat-and-potatoes, and at the end of the day fusing them together just gets you more meat-and-potatoes, albeit still being a refreshing change to their newer output. The album cover testifies a lot to this fusion of old and new, following the “ominous landscape” format found on classic Obituary records like “Cause of Death”, “The End Complete”, “World Demise”, and “Frozen in Time”, but with a more modern surrealist twist. Focusing more on the music, while on paper this album may be more-or-less business as usual for Obituary, in execution is where this album really shines and improves upon what was already so great about Obituary’s self-titled album.


Massive riffs, tortured howls, thrashy old school death and doomy stomps through poisonous swamps of filth… Obituary - Obituary and Relapse Records Join Forces; Band Finalizing New Album - Relapse Records". saladdaysmag.com. June 9, 2014 . Retrieved October 24, 2020.

Asked what fans can expect from the new LP, John said: "I think it's just gonna sound like OBITUARY. [ Laughs] You know us — we're kind of cavemen; we don't like to evolve too much. We like to change it up and do a little here and there, but we're getting too old to change too much, I think. So as long as it's heavy and pounding, then that's what you can expect." So, what about the title of the album? Well, it’s the question “what the hell happened to our planet?” that set Donald thinking. “ Dying Of Everything seems like a proper name for this point in history”, he says. “I think it just fits with what everybody has been going through these last two years”. I don’t think you can argue with him. OBITUARY Is Working On 'Monster' New Album While In Quarantine". Blabbermouth.net. August 6, 2020 . Retrieved August 6, 2020. This is Ken’s song. He was doing everything he could to come up with something killer. He was working on this on his own at his house, and when he first sent it to me, the drumbeat was totally different. It was more of an upbeat hardcore gallop. But, again, Pantera is one of my favorites, so I changed it to more of a Pantera-type beat. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album. I’m very proud of what Ken did on this one.”We chose 'The Wrong Time' for the first single as it is a true depiction of the sound, style and feel we went for in the studio and is a great taste of what you can expect from 'Dying of Everything'." Obituary To Release Self-Titled Tenth Album In March". Blabbermouth.net. January 11, 2017 . Retrieved January 11, 2017.

In 1991, just prior to the writing and recording sessions of their third album, Murphy left Obituary to join Cancer and was replaced by a returning Allen West. The lineup of Peres, Watkins, West and the Tardy brothers recorded the band's next three albums, starting with The End Complete (1992). The End Complete was a moderate success for Obituary, having sold more than a hundred thousand copies, [2] and it was the band's first album to chart in the US and Europe. [7] [8] [9] [10] This success also resulted in the release of Obituary's first-ever music video "The End Complete", which received significant airplay on MTV's Headbangers Ball, [11] and the band toured behind the album in over year, going from playing clubs to theaters and arenas. [4] This is about as close as you’re going to get to Obituary ripping off Nasty Savage. They’re one of our earliest influences, so I’m proud to say that we somehow drummed up a Nasty Savage type of feel at 50 years old. It was so apparent to us that we invited David Austin, the [former] Nasty Savage guitar player, to put down two solos with Ken on this song. And they came out killer.”It's unusual for a band that's been around since the '80s to be doing some of their best work in the 2020s, but that's exactly what OBITUARY have accomplished through their do-it-yourself attitude and relentless touring on a worldwide level. OBITUARY Begins Work On New Material - Apr. 20, 2010". Blabbermouth.net. Archived from the original on May 26, 2010 . Retrieved September 14, 2010. And with that, we’re going to put emphasis on the haunting effects. There’s a heightened doom presence that hasn’t been reached by any prior record, and the clarity in vocals almost allows certain areas to be catchier than they have any right being. Save for the blitzing opener “Barely Alive,” nearly the entire first half rides on clashing rhythms and an anger-fueled attitude that needs no speed to leave an impression. “Without A Conscience” and “War” pair together as one, both pressing that vocal hatred into some of the heaviest riffs the band has written. Percussion wise, things are matched with steady fills in the drawn out notes, with strong solos as clear as day to hook the ear right in. In my opinion, this is my brother’s best performance on the album. Again, he’s not the dude that’s going to write a thousand words per song. He uses his voice more than he uses his words, but this one is definitely the most lyrically powerful song on the album. The groove is just nonstop on this one, and I think the fans are going to love it. We’re probably going to end up playing it live.”

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